Vuzix M100 smart glasses

Vuzix M100 are smart glasses that look like Google Glass that can clip on any glasses or headset. Here is a review from Mobile Geeks at CES 2013:

Full HD camera, nice color screen, gyroscope, GPS, Android, Bluetooth, SDK… I really feel I always get the same datasheet. These glasses are commercially available (at $1,000). But the big news here is that Vuzix plans to team up with Nuance for speech-to-text support and noise cancellation abilities.

However, same as Google Glass, the screen looks really little with minimum UI (User Interface) design. Pretty much like smart watches, I suppose app developers will now have to support a new 2-inch format on top of PC, Mac, tablets, phablets, 5-inch and 4-inch smartphones formats! Long life to UI designers!

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