Tobii eye tracking systems

Tobii is specialized in eye tracking, which they apply to 3 sectors:

  1. assistive technology, targeting individuals with communication disabilities. Although the handicapped persons are the ones that would really need these technologies widespread, which should make us develop innovative solutions for them first, I think in fact that we will make this happen by creating new tracking systems for the mass market: devices will be cheaper and it would be a matter of software then.
  2. tracking systems designed for research on UX, including the glasses we’ve already talked about in a previous post. These systems fit under any screen (laptop, mobile, desktop, TV…). Their price are very expensive (according to this), certainly including professional services, so they are indeed not affordable for the mass market. A shame.
  3. gaming industry, by complementing existing controllers with eye commands. This third (gaming) application is demonstrated in this video:

Developers can currently pre-order this EyeX device for $100, while the final product release is planned for mid-2014, at $200.

So this gaming interface could be integrated (OEM or as a standalone accessory) to traditional PCs to replace mouse movements and coupled with a glove or BCI (Brain-Computer Interface) to click. That’s the future, and it’s already here!

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