The TrewGrip mobile keyboard

Everytime I read innovations around keyboards I’m a bit more astonished. When I saw the TrewGrip keyboard, I must say I couldn’t find the words to describe it. So a video will work better:

Apart from the 10-hour learning – which doesn’t make this input device so natural – and the $350 it costs, how are we supposed to use it? The use cases demonstrated in this video are very specific. As a mobile keyboard, why is it three times bigger and heavier than the tablet? and how should I you carry it? In my jacket?

I’ve been complaining in previous posts about flat keyboards, but this one is going quite the opposite direction!

However, the idea is relevant: I do know pretty much all the keys of my keyboard by heart, so I can type without looking at it. So, why not learn another placement? Back to the keyboard post¬†and previous comments on other posts, why not wear gloves, virtually split the keyboard in half, then make tiny finger contractions to simulate key strikes. Certainly more convenient and lighter than this rear-type keyboard…

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