The MagicBoard, a configurable touchscreen

The MagicBoard, designed by Eliel Cabrera, is a configurable touchscreen that can be a keyboard, or any other touch input device.

MagicBoard pictureAs a flat keyboard, I’ll keep my eternal argument: no feedback no use (see the dedicated post on keyboards). So why am I mentioning this device? Well, it brings the “configurable” feature: why is a colleague of mine plugging his emergency QWERTY keyboard whenever this new DSK (Dvorak Simplified Keyboard) keyboard won’t let him reach specific inputs? Using this keyboard, he could switch from one QWERTY keyboard to a DSK, to a touchpad for graphics or multi-finger manipulations.

What does this mean? We often need different input formats (words, graphics, clicks, gestures, etc) in a single day at work. Could they all be met by a single input device? That’s the real core of this blog. And I don’t have the answer yet!

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