Sensics Natalia, new immersion goggles

Sensics – one of the biggest manufacturer specialized in HMD (Head-Mounted Display) – is working on a new pair of immersion goggles called Natalia.

Here is an introduction video, showing a few applications for these goggles, mostly in gaming and virtual reality.

Its datasheet mentions twin (3D) 720p displays, stereo audio and mic, powered by a dual core processor running on Android 4.0. So this device is fully independent, connectable by WiFi and Bluetooth.
Note: the datasheet does not mention the 11 cameras hidden in the black holes that we see at the front of the goggles, as introduced by Sensics during CES 2012. These cameras let the user see through (for augmented reality), interact and command the goggles using his hands, but I’d be happy to see this in action…

No price yet. Not available to the consumer market either. It is mentioned in the official Sensics product listing as a “custom” HMD, still looking for feedbacks, partnerships and market positioning. As answered in their FAQ, Sensics is targeting a price below 1,000 USD for the consumer market.

At first sight, these goggles seem to mostly target the gaming industry (as demonstrated in the above video, eg FPS, augmented reality…). However, there may be many other possibilities: once this kind of device is affordable for the mass market (not specialized for military or industry), it may be coupled with input devices (unless the voice recognition through the mic is awesome?!) to provide a full replacement solution to current displays and inputs.

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