The Recon HUD for sports

Recon is specialized in HUD and provides two models, both for sports: Snow2 (HUD in alpine goggles) and Jet (HUD in glasses for cycling).

The glasses look great, quite sportive indeed. Specially, placing the main unit on one side of the glasses and the battery on the other side makes it more symmetric (and thus more balanced). It could even be better if the camera was at the middle, between the 2 eyes!

It can connect with smartphones of course, and other sensors to monitor heart rate, steps, etc.

Even if Recon has also produced a futuristic video embracing a larger public, I still don’t get why the Jet glasses should only meet sportsmen! Compared to Google Glass, the display fits at the bottom of the glass. This makes sense for the cycling racer appearing on this video, but probably not for everyone in day-to-day life…

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