Oculus Rift, a new VR headset

Oculus VR has demonstrated his latest virtual reality goggles designed for gamers, called Rift. Let’s start with a quick demo, although this video includes many testimonials that are not that technically helpful:

This headset provides 110° field of view (with stereoscopic 3D display of course) and head tracking, so turning the head makes the game rotate accordingly. The wikipedia article is quite comprehensive as well.

It’s not yet available, but its price should be set around $300. With a weight of only 380g, the user should feel comfortable wearing this device.

So, great for gamers, but why dedicate this headset to the gaming industry? Are gamers the only potential buyers of such technology? I would personally love to watch a movie laying on my bed, explore former castles or the Egyptian pyramids, visit a flat on rent. At work, I could wear these to live a great immersion in web conferences, or be part of meetings (by combining a 3D immersion heaset with a 3D camera for instance)…

Hopefully, the future of this headset will step out the passion of Palmer Luckey – the Rift founder and designer – for games.

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