Nintendo Power Glove (1989)

Back in 1989, Nintendo presented a Power Glove that let the player control the game with hand and finger gestures. Let’s start with a famous demo from The Wizard movie from Nintendo:

This glove had finger flexion capture, 6-degree hand movement detection and a bunch of buttons at the top!

Why was it unique and why this device wasn’t a success? This article from The Verge greatly describes the experience of playing with this glove. Apparently (I haven’t had the chance to have one), a few severe technical issues, together with complex gestures and a long learning curve made it not that fun to play with.

However, gloves are back, as we’ve seen with Minority Report, air-writing glove and others that we will review soon. Why is that? Because nowadays, all synchronization, precision and interaction issues are gone and that the principle of capturing the whole hand movement makes sense!

Pretty much like 3D in theaters (already used by Hitchcock and other film makers) or other inventions that came too early…

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