Minority report

The “Minority report” movie from Steven Spielberg introduced quite a new way to interact, used by Tom Cruise to go through a video, cut, extract, etc. This was suggested by John Underkoffler who created this interaction for real as the g-speak device, demonstrated at John’s talk at Ted:

This interface has been so greatly designed and implemented in the movie that it even became one of the strongest images and a model for UI designers.

However, pretty much like the Leap Motion device, I – unfortunately – don’t have the shoulders of Tom Cruise, meaning I can’t hold my arms in the air for minutes or even hours.

This kind of device may be a great help for artists – virtually painting on a wall for instance – powerpoint lovers or shooting gamers, but I can’t see this in an everyday life. Specially because of the triangular cameras to be settled before starting playing with it…

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