Lumus DK-40, with overlay display

Also discovered at CES 2014 (BTW, great show this year! I’m not done talking about products unveiled there!!), the Lumus DK-40 glasses overlays the VGA image over the right eye, instead of displaying the image in the top right corner like the Google Glass.

This makes is far more convenient and natural, as the overlaid image is very discreet and the user still looking in front of him. Unfortunately, this device will first be sent to developers so they can create apps for it, because the device on its own may quickly become useless and boring. As already mentioned in a previous post, the device that will step out must use extraordinary technology combined with great apps. A real challenge!



This kind of device reminds me the time I was watching Dragon Ball Z, when Vegeta (among others from Frieza’s army) was wearing what they called a “Scouter”.

See this wiki for the whole story of these scouters!

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