Kymera, a wand controller

Without being a fan of Harry Potter at all, I found this TV controller so funny I cannot resist to share it here:

This wand – called Kymera – recognizes 13 movements combining all 6 directions, tilt and others. Of course, 13 movements are quite limited, specially if you wish to control your DVD player as well. You cannot combine IR commands with one move (like shutting down all TV-related equipment with one tilt). And remembering the movements you programmed may also be a challenge.

SonicThe wand company has also released a similar product (with similar features), marketed as the Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver.

All in all, these devices offer limited control (compared to traditional one), but also no natural gestures, so learning and using it might be complicated. Instead, voice or hand recognition (that we will soon discuss when we will talk about the latest Kinect) seem more intuitive.

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