Intel RealSense

The Intel RealSense show at CES 2014 was so disappointing I almost thought I shouldn’t write a line about it. Basically, Intel works on a line or hardware chips that will focus on 3D & capture, called RealSense.

At this point, Intel demonstrated a camera just performing well at analyzing stuff, separating objects and capturing gestures. What for? Isn’t that innovation for innovation? Seriously, why would I control my computer with gestures? I know Minority Report looks great, but I don’t have Tom’s shoulders! Apart from very specific applications where 3D hand capture can be relevant (and I would rather stand up and work over a table than hold my arms horizontally), Intel – the generalist hardware manufacturer – is mistaking.

Intel even talked about voice recognition. Would they overtake Siri? All in all, why is Siri so perfectible? Why is Dragon – Intel’s partner to work on voice recognition – still not performing perfectly (at CES 2014 demo) while this company has been working on this specific topic for so long?

Briefly said, I heard promises and saw concepts that are not really improving our connectivity. Maybe Intel should just focus on computing chips and think about the next generation, cause transistor-based chips are getting to an end…

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