Innovate for… innovation!

Let’s start by a question: what are we innovating for?

Note: this post is not designed to give the reader a headache!

After this CES 2014, I feel every designers want to be part of the “evolution”, which in fact consists in following any creative gadget that looks cool.

Why am I being so rude? Because I feel no one is interested in controlling a mobile by gestures (when most of its usage is single-handed) like Samsung has implemented in its Galaxy S4. And as Intel demoed its new RealSense program.

Is the world limited to gamers? Or mobile users? Then why target them in communication, marketing, videos, demos and press announcements? I’m a mobile user, I enjoy playing once in a while, and I spend quite a long time every day typing on a laptop keyboard and striving to get my awkward touchpad reach the icon destination I’ve been looking for during seconds (or tens of seconds when I’m doing good!).

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