GlassUp, another HUD?

GlassUp, like the Lumus DK-40, and unlike the Google Glass, is a wearable pair of glasses with HUD (Head-Up Display) incorporated in the glass, so the user does not have to look side-way:

Why is this display better? Because if the user is looking for augmented reality, he won’t get GPS directions mapped on the road if the arrow appears in a corner of the glass. The arrow has to be aligned with the sight of the user.

The sporty look matches the use cases shown in the above video. Why target sports persons?

The project, crowdfounded at indiegogo, raised $127,000 to develop the second prototype, having a VGA display. How much has Google invested in its Glass project? Because the money does make the difference at the end of the day: it helps miniaturization therefore design and usability. It helps delivering faster both hardware and SDK. It also convinces developers to work on the platform because it should last longer.

Finally, these glasses also differentiate from others by *not* including any camera. A third generation should fix this, targeted within a year.

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