The Geonaute 360 camera

Still at CES 2014, Geonaute has demonstrated a 360° video camera using a GoPro mount to be fixed over a helmet for instance.

Available at $500, the camera is very easy to use, as there is no configuration required. Once filmed, the video can be downloaded to a PC and shared as a classic video or on a dedicated platform where the video can be scrolled at 360° in live.

But this device gets really great when coupled with the Oculus Rift – one of the biggest CES 2014 star – which can render the images and track the head movements to let the user be really immersed in a real world video (instead of a video game). What for? Let’s imagine a remote usage between 2 people, one having the camera on his head and visiting an indoor or outdoor scene, while the other is wearing the Oculus headset, seeing the scene and being able to turn around freely.

We could even push the idea further, by mounting the camera over a telepresence robot, remotely guided by the movements of a human (captured by a Virtuix Omni for instance). The only drawback I could imagine comes from the network transmission latency: the immersion would have a lag. And that’s exactly the issue the first prototype version of the Oculus was experiencing: when the image does not react in real time to the user moves, he quickly gets sick… and I don’t think we will soon get real time transmission!

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