Fleksy and smart watches

Fleksy – a keyboard UI (User Interface) specialist – can now be installed on a Galaxy Gear smart watch, as explained in this article. Unfortunately the video link is broken. But another demo has been made with the Omate TrueSmart:

I can’t really comment this, as the video is so self-destroying! I do admit Fleksy must have a sense of genius to let users type a message on a keyboard hardly larger than the single finger typing on it!! But reasonably, displaying a keyboard that is covering about the two thirds of the screen reaches a step I wouldn’t have imagined.

Are keyboards so important?! The followers who have already read the dedicated post on keyboards may understand this passion for keyboards is really getting insane. Screens get smaller and smaller, and the HUD glasses are good examples of devices where interactivity has to be redesigned to drop keyboard usage.

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