An eyewear electronic circuit

A team of scientific researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology recently published in Nature how they achieved creating a circuit so thin it can fit in a contact lens or stretch around a hair!

Of course, this circuit does not include any battery or connectivity, making it quite meaningless at this point, but the idea gets back to the Innovega iOptik display being developed.

Indeed, we see that each usage requires a different hardware support, from simple glasses in day-to-day usage to headsets and even goggles for an enhanced immersion in games or movies. As an eyewear, the lens could replace them all!

Unfortunately I’m not a chemical engineer so I won’t invent tomorrow’s power supply for this kind of eyewear. Could be using the movements of the eyes (like watches use the energy from arms & hands movements), or is an electronic circuit requiring too much energy? I’ve also seen a robot move with salted water. Aren’t our tears salted enough?!

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