Dear keyboards, RIP

Dear keyboards,

you were born way before me – which makes you real old and crappy – from your ancestor the typewriters, as Wikipedia told me. Don’t you think it’s time now for retirement? Let the new fresh generation replace you!

Do you know that I am still using a keyboard to type this post? I could try to dictate it, or use P300 devices… Even funnier: if I was using my smartphone, the virtual keyboard would take half my screen to display a third of my keyboard, so I would have to scroll the upper half of my screen to read a text message!

I thought these touchscreens would banish keyboards. Not yet! They can be projected now, as seen with the Celluon, the Light Touch or the MagicBoard. Why oh why? I would really feel uncomfortable not sensing the spring resistance and force feedback. Similarly, I – as a pianist – felt painful watching Ada MacGrath playing the piano on a table. At the time I had a 386 Pentium at home, I was using an old PS2 IBM keyboard. The sound of each keystroke and the amazing feedback reminds me how great times it was. Intermediate solutions like the flat keyboard integrated in the Microsoft Surface type cover that I tried a few times do lack touching resistance as well. Again, like the piano, you can’t type fast when the keys have no elasticity.

Added: I’ve discovered Fleksy, the UX experts in keyboards. They’re loving keyboards so much they even created a keyboard for smart watches. See the dedicated post.

In a nutshell, as explained in the introduction post, keyboards have to disappear. As a technology, it’s been here for too long. But most of all, I’m sure we can find some better ways to control computers. But these Celluon devices do not seem to be the right solution yet.

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