Celluon, projecting keyboard and mouse

Celluon is a Korean company specialized in projecting a keyboard and/or mouse, specially useful for small inconvenient touchscreens.

Celluon products use a patented EPT (Electronic Perception Technology) technology to display a keyboard on a flat surface and read hand gestures to capture mouse moves. The red laser design renders quite nicely!

The Epic product introduced by the above video offers both keyboard and mouse capture. It connects to any device using Bluetooth. This Epic replaces the previous Magic Cube, as explained on Celluon’s FAQ.
You can also attach the projector to your iPhone; that’s the Prodigy product. I can’t see the benefit.
Finally, the evoMouse turns a table into a touchpad which could be convenient to add touching gestures we’re getting used to (with our smartphones and tablets) to a PC or Mac.

Their costs range from $80 (evoMouse) to $150 (Epic). The Prodigy is not available yet for purchase, whereas the Magic Cube is no longer sold on the online shop.

On review side, these products seem to be not that easy to use, although I still believe we have to get rid of keyboards.

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