B-Membrane, a projecting PC

Won-Seok Lee designed a nice looking PC for Samsung, embedding a projector and a keyboard fitting on the base ring.



Apart from being a concept – which shouldn’t catch our attention too long, I would only comment two features.


Firstly, projection. Why project? We make screens of any size now, so flat they can fit anywhere. Even flexible displays! Projecting requires certainly more energy, a dark environment, a flat white wall and changing the bulb from time to time. Same remark for the Sixth Sense that I will comment soon. Could be funny. Could look cool. Yes I am an engineer, not a designer :-p

Then, the keyboard. I already talked about flat keyboards, so I won’t repeat my motto: keyboard typing needs feedback, so because we want it nice and tiny and small and we want to get rid of mechanics, we’ll replace keyboards. That’s design!

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