Hex3 AppTag, an augmented laser blaster

Talking about augmented reality, we’re often back to 2 main applications: information (GPS guidance arrows, cultural stuff) printed over what you see for real, and gaming. Even if this blog does not focus on gaming, I must say that this sector brings many great devices and creative ideas.

Here is a short video demonstrating the usage of the blaster provided by Hex3:

This gun costs $50 and multiplayer games are available on iPhone & Android stores. Quite a deal!

I am pointing out this device because it interestingly combines a real object with a phone, leveraging the capabilities of the smartphone (camera, touchscreen, computation, game download & execution) to increase the gaming experience.

I haven’t seen that many integrations like this one so far. For instance, why are car manufacturers not letting the smartphone play the GPS/radio/movie/TV/Internet/text and so forth? And using the smartphone Internet access to retrieve data or update car programs? Why isn’t my fridge providing a support to let me enter my shopping list, or my piano projecting the Chopin score I just downloaded?

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