Air-writing glove

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) has researched on a glove recognizing 8,000 air-written words.

Ait-writing gloveThis glove focuses on writing gestures only. All other movements are ignored.

Again, this device is designed for keyboard replacement on phones/tablets. Are people willing to write in the air? I would personnally last less than a minute in the position adopted by the demonstrator of the picture. Besides, I think I text faster with my two thumbs than with a (virtual) pen in the air!

Why restrain such technology to writing? I would imagine this could help you learn tennis or control the perfect golf swing.

Note: since this was posted, I found Zepp’s sensor doing it pretty well:

Zepp sensor







Back to our concern, I would replace the left/right clicking and scrolling on a mouse by an index and middle finger movement – the mouse pointing being handled by eye tracking or other devices that we’ll discuss in another post ;-D

Finally, looking at the device size, I understand why Google gave them $80,000: a bit of miniaturization would be great!

Glove technology


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