I am very happy to welcome you on this new “neovirtuality” blog!

This initiative – apart from being one of my important resolutions for 2014! – will strive to bring together many information I have gathered for years now. The goal here is to tackle one big issue: why do we keep using keyboards and mice?! I personally suffer from trembling touchpads, from dragging my cursor round a tiny icon even if my eyes are staring at it, from sitting straight to type on my keyboard when I would rather be moving, to carry my tablet and messing my headphones cable instead of laying down…

Briefly said, this blog aims at changing the way we interact with our devices, and ultimately with others.

We – humans – basically have a brain and senses. So let’s benefit from our great abilities by introducing new interfaces, new extensions to our senses.

At the same time, all our devices are highly connected to close neighbors, and data transfer rates are getting higher and higher. So voice recognition can now rely on distant servers for computing capabilities (eg Siri) for instance. Cameras, microphones, chips and batteries are getting so small they can fit in glass frames. These technological improvements enable new usages and design shifts. Of course, I will not list all new connected devices, like fridges providing front touch screens and automatic ordering! However, whenever the combination of these technologies brings something new, I will try to highligh it.

Disclaimer: this blog does not intend to sell or advertise anything, so product reviews will be subjective. The projections and visions I will write are always open to comments, so I will be happy to get replies and I will try to answer them.

Finally, anyone wishing to contribute to this blog is more than welcome. Please contact me!

Thank you and happy reading,


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